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Journal Eye Candy

icons and more

Eye candy icons
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Icon community for all sorts of icons--fandom or other.
Membership in this community is moderated--at least for now.

The rules are few, and simple to follow.
For Icon Makers:
* No pornographic icons. I'll remove them immediately, if I see any.
* Please use tags, to make it easy for people to find what they want.
* If you want credit for an icon, please indicate so in your post.
* Don't start credit/icon wars on this journal. If you want someone to credit you, ask nicely. Also, please do not call upon me to play Icon Police (believe it or not, that happened to me before with another community. It got silly).
* Don't insult the icons that other users have made.
* If you're uploading more than 5 icons in one post, please put them behind a cut with 1-5 "teasers." (I'm not so picky as to insist you use only 3 teasers ;) )
* You may also post headers, f/o banners, etc...

For Icon Users:
* It's always nice to post a comment if you are taking any.
* If someone asks for credit, please give it. If they don't ask for credit or say "credit not needed", then it's up to you...
* Don't insult the icons that someone has posted here.
* Don't start comment wars.
* Don't hotlink.
* requests are Okay, but be patient until they are filled.

Have fun, and play nice! :D